Sunday, August 25, 2013

We have vistors at Bittersweet Farm.......

Hello, we have been working at the farm.  It is so
peaceful there.  I thought I would share some pictures
of some visitors that stopped by.
This is the little set of twins that keep stopping by.

 The first time we saw them they were just babies.It has been really
fun watching them grow and play at the farm.
We also rescued a cat to have at the farm.  Guess what....
other animals besides cats like cat
Should I name her "Petunia".....
Let me know what you think?  She was actually not too afraid of me.....I think.  At least she let me take her picture and I didn't get sprayed.
We have been working really hard on the outside for the last couple of weeks.
We have the well-head area decorated.  We have added an outhouse and cloths line to hide the propane tank. (I think there might even be some clothes drying on the line outside.) Kurt made me a make-do washboard and bench that sits by the clothes line, we have an old wheel, more flowers and some old rusty pieces in the garden on the South side.  I think we need to start getting the grass planted but it sure would be nice if we had some rain.  The sunflower heads are about ready to be picked and dried.  The pumpkins and gourds are doing great.  We put up a spilt rail fence by the bittersweet and we are getting ready to put one at the North edge of the property and hopefully plant some maple trees this Fall.  They should be starting the pole barn pretty soon and then we can get the rest of the outside cleaned up before the cold weather gets here.  Well, back to make items for The Crows Corner Fall Open House.  Look on Facebook at The Crows Corner, or check out some pictures at . You can also see more pictures at
Hope you have a fantastic day....make it the best it can be, Lynda

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Working at the farm

Hello, thanks for stopping by.  We have been busy moving
dirt, leveling ground, moving rocks........
and little by little the grounds are getting fixed up.
I want an outhouse in front of the propane tank so it is
not so noticeable....a clothesline coming off of it
with maybe some vintage wash tubs or scrub boards....
and of course....clothes on the line

We have mulch and edging in place on the North side of
the cabin....the buckboard and wheelbarrow out in the fields
have been mulched.....we need to do some work around the
well head......
We decided to do a lot of the work on the outside of
the cabin in nice weather and then we can concentrate
on the inside when the weather turns colder.
We are also putting up a fence by the 25 Bittersweet plants
on the South field.
We hope to start putting up the pole barn, fence and tree line
on the north side of the farm by the end of September...
Then off to the scrap yard with all the metal.....
All in all I think we are making progress...
Thanks for stopping by and make today the best it can be.