Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hello, we hope everyone had a great long weekend.
We have started working inside the cabin this weekend.
We are working on the 2nd floor first.  I can hardly wait to
show you pictures. 
I have so many ideas....just not enough time.  I must
learn to be patient and live for the moment.
I thought I would share some of the photos of the grounds.
Here is our wellhead cover. The old wood
that makes up the cover came from
a friend of ours that does some
picking for the ship.  The 4th piece was in
really bad shape and Kurt fixed it right up.  The top
came from the old metal that was on the roof.  It kind of looks
like an old tobacco drying barn....just a miniature version.
I thinks some pumpkins and
gourds for Fall and some fresh pine for Christmas
will look great on the old wheelbarrow.  We still need
to trim up the large maple tree so it can be seen better
from the road.  The vintage  pump came from our shop
The Crows Corner. 
 We put an old wagon wheel by the clean out....I still need
to paint it dark brown so it is not so noticeable.
This large rock is Kurt's favorite.  We added some mums,
corn and gourds.  The walking pavers takes us off the
porch and into the yard.  It will lead us through the
trees to our pole barn.  We hope to start on that before it gets
to cold.
 The outhouse is finished.  It has an old lantern to help light your way on
one side and some old enamelware on the other side to help with
laundry.  There are some dried gourds hanging on the door.
Kurt attached a cloths line to the side.  I think this does a great job of hiding
the propane tank.  But we really need some grass.  We are going to wait
a little later into Fall before we plant any of that.
 The cloths line that was attached to the outhouse is attached to
this pole in the yard.  There is also a bench and a make-do
washboard and a vintage nightgown hanging out to dry.
I am thinking red long johns for this winter......
 The south side of the cabin has a small perennial garden.  We
added some mums to make sure we will have Fall flowers.
We have a rusty tricycle and bucket and some landscape
lights.  Looking back towards the river will be an enclosed
3 season porch.  At the back will be the herb garden.  We decided
to do the 3 season porch to give us a little more living space.  We will
be able to see the outside fireplace from this porch and will be a great
place to watch nature.
 I promised myself I would not over decorate the front porch.
The table (which the top flips up so it becomes a bench) is a great place
to sit and talk, shell peas, spin some wool and grab a quick lunch.
We decided not to stain the porch floor this year.  We are going to let it
weather for a year.  I think the old crock need some corn shocks in it though.
I hope you enjoyed this little tour with me....make today the
best it can be because it is the only one we get.
Blessings, Lynda