Monday, April 22, 2013

What to plant??????

So many seed little time.
 Does anyone have any suggestions on which variety of
sunflowers, pumpkins, gourds, vegetables etc. to plant.  Would
love to hear your imput.  Blessings, Lynda

Cabin Update many new pictures to share with you.
This is part of the field & trees as you approach from the
North.  The propane tank is set, windows are in and I
am ready to get busy on the farm.
 Here is "my" tractor.
 And with all the rain we have had....we have
lake front property.  We are very fortunate.  We are on the
high side of the river bank so now worries about flooding.
 Meet my new friend Dale.  He is happy to share his
spot in the long as I don't get too close.

The north end of the property line.
 Here is the north side of the property looking at it
from back by the river.
 He now thinks he is a real farm puppy!
 The back of the property....the open area will be a screened in porch.
To the left is the "summer kitchen".
 This is the south side of the cabin.  We have started to
level out the dirt and figure out what to do around the cabin.
Thanks so much for stopping by.  We have been looking
through seed books and planning, planning, planning.
This is so much fun.  I can hardly stay focused on
the other things that have to be done.  Any suggestions
on what to plant this year.  We have over 5 acres but
I think we will start out small.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Rain, Rain....go away, come again another day

Hello, thanks for stopping by to get a look at the work
that has been done on the farm.
As you can see, the new windows have
been put in on the South side of the barn.
 They have the roof ready for the foam insulation...but the weather
has not cooperated.  It went from sunny and 70 to rainy and barley 40 degrees.
 The natural light from the upstairs window is just beautiful.
The entire 2nd floor is going to stay with all the natural wood.
Alot of cleaning and sealing needs to take place...but this
is a small section of what it will look like.
The have the back porch and summer kitchen porch roof ready
to go.

 The window that will be above the primitive sink in the cabin is in.
 The front porch roof and posts are ready...we need to get the
overhead door off....cement is being poured and we can get
the front and back doors framed in and ready to go
 This is a view coming from the south.  I am soooo excited to
continue with this project.  I am truly blessed to be able
to experience this dream that I have had for a very long time.
It may take a long time to finish...but with friends and the
Lord's generosity I have faith that it will be a wonderful adventure.
Blessings, Lynda

Sunday, April 7, 2013 was a busy week at Bittersweet Farm. 
 As you can see the upstairs and downstairs windows
have been framed in and installed on the south side
of the barn.  The other open areas have been boarded up.
The walls will all be covered in steel and spray foamed
from the inside.
The summer kitchen is finished....and the roof has been
started on the back of the barn. (facing the river)

Now, we just need nice, warm weather for the spray
foam insulation to be installed.  Everyone that is
working on the barn has been just great.  I can't wait for
it to be sealed up so we can start on the inside.
Hope you have had a great out to
the farm for clean-up...Blessings, Lynda

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The work has begun!

The work has begun.  The old sheet metal a has been torn
off...paper and nailers are down.  We are
waiting on the "spray foam" people to come and then
new steel rook will go on.
 Take a close look.  They should start framing in
the new windows this week.  Am so excited.
I love watching the progress since I can see
it finished in my head!!

 There will be a double window on the second floor.
Great southern exposure.
They have even started on the "summer kitchen". 
This is definitely a work in progress...but we are up
for the challenge.
Thanks so much for stoppping by...blessings, Lynda

Monday, April 1, 2013

New Beginning is the start of the beginning of
Bittersweet Farms.

We stopped by yesterday and took one last photo
of the before.  We have people working on the summer
kitchen as well as the roof.
We are so excited to the progression from barn
to cabin.  I am going to stop by later today to
see what the have done and will post more
pictures soon.  Blessings, Lynda