Sunday, April 7, 2013 was a busy week at Bittersweet Farm. 
 As you can see the upstairs and downstairs windows
have been framed in and installed on the south side
of the barn.  The other open areas have been boarded up.
The walls will all be covered in steel and spray foamed
from the inside.
The summer kitchen is finished....and the roof has been
started on the back of the barn. (facing the river)

Now, we just need nice, warm weather for the spray
foam insulation to be installed.  Everyone that is
working on the barn has been just great.  I can't wait for
it to be sealed up so we can start on the inside.
Hope you have had a great out to
the farm for clean-up...Blessings, Lynda


  1. Wow!!!! Looking great, will be perfect, Francine.

  2. Morning Lynda,
    Well I have been missing here for a bit but now it is catch up time - love the progress. What a fun place this is going to be when finished. Wish I could shop here!
    Many blessings,

  3. Thanks for the kind words. I am really sooo excited. We just need the weather to cooperate to keep thins moving. Thanks so much for enjoying this journey with me!