Monday, April 22, 2013

Cabin Update many new pictures to share with you.
This is part of the field & trees as you approach from the
North.  The propane tank is set, windows are in and I
am ready to get busy on the farm.
 Here is "my" tractor.
 And with all the rain we have had....we have
lake front property.  We are very fortunate.  We are on the
high side of the river bank so now worries about flooding.
 Meet my new friend Dale.  He is happy to share his
spot in the long as I don't get too close.

The north end of the property line.
 Here is the north side of the property looking at it
from back by the river.
 He now thinks he is a real farm puppy!
 The back of the property....the open area will be a screened in porch.
To the left is the "summer kitchen".
 This is the south side of the cabin.  We have started to
level out the dirt and figure out what to do around the cabin.
Thanks so much for stopping by.  We have been looking
through seed books and planning, planning, planning.
This is so much fun.  I can hardly stay focused on
the other things that have to be done.  Any suggestions
on what to plant this year.  We have over 5 acres but
I think we will start out small.

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