Monday, March 25, 2013

Hi...thanks for taking the time to stop by.
Here is a look at Bittersweet Farm.  This is what
we saw when we first looked at the property.
The barn that you see is being renovated into a cabin.
We were very lucky to have working water, septic
and electricity.
On the top of the barn were two old lighting rods
with the light blue glass bulbs.  We were able to save
them and they will find a special spot inside the cabin.
 You can see winter wheat currently in the fields.
I can't wait to see what comes up around the old
homestead.  This Spring will find us in the fields planting
flax, sunflowers, bittersweet, sweet annie, gourds, pumpkins
and every vegetable and fruit I can think of.
 We are back in a little cove that has the river behind us
and trees all around us.  We have alot of work to doubt this
is definitely going to be a labor of love.
 My mom...grew up on a farm.  I lost her over 20 years ago
but I remember the visits as a child and all the stories she
used to tell.  I know that a part of her will be with me
on this big adventure.  On the other side of these trees
is another field just waiting to be planted.
We are really excited and hope you will enjoy this journey
with us. I loved talking about this with those
of you who came into the shop over the weekend.
 I want to share this experience with all.
 Blessings,  Lynda

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